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Selasa, 12 Januari 2016


exercise relative pronoun

1. The President Director of bank Utama ............ is being accused of corruption will be taken to court.
   (A) Whom           (D) which
   (B) Who              (E) where
   (C) Whose

2. “Who is Ismail Marzuki?”
“Well, he is the composer ......... many people consider one of the great in Indonesia.”
   (A) Whom           (D) whose
   (B) Who              (E) where
   (C) Which

3. I live in the town ........ he was born
   (A) Whom           (D) whose
   (B) Where            (E) who
   (C) Which

4. This is the latest news about the kidnapping of the richest businessman in town ........ we received a few minutes ago.
   (A) Whom           (D) whose
   (B) Of which       (E) who
   (C) Where

5. I spoke to the man ........... wife had been admitted to the hospital.
   (A) Who              (D) which
   (B) Whom           (E) in which
   (C) Whose

6. A person ............. comes to live in big cities for a few years usually notice that lifestyle seem to change very fast.
   (A) Who                 (D) whose
   (B) From whom     (E) in which
   (C) Of which

7. People ........... business have been slowing down recently are so depressed that they suffer from various diseases.
   (A) Whose          (D) whom
   (B) In which       (E) who
   (C) That

8. Teachers ........... do not spend enough time on class preparation often have difficulty explaining new lesson.
   (A) Who      (D) where
   (B) That      (E) whom
   (C) In which

9. He introduced me to the lady ........... I met at the station
   (A) Whom           (D) with which
   (B) Whose           (E) where
   (C) Which

10. The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and in the Himalaya foothills ......... an animals with all the essential features of the genus lived a million years ago.
   (A) Where              (D) which
   (B) From whom     (E) whose
   (C) To which

11. The letter was addressed to the lady ......... I met on my way to Australia.
   (A) Who                (D) whom
   (B) To which         (E) in which
   (C) Which

12. “What is pediatrician?”
“Oh, it‟s a doctor .......... specialization is treating children.”
   (A) Whom           (D) that
   (B) Which           (E) whose
   (C) Who

13. These tourists, ......... are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “dangdut” dance.
   (A) There are many     (D) many of whom
   (B) Many of them       (E) they who
   (C) Whose many