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Rabu, 06 Mei 2015



exercise for conditional sentence

1.   ............, he would have been able to pass the exam. 
(A) If he studied hard
(B) If he were studying to a greater degree
(C) If he studies more
(D) If he had studied more
(E) Were he studying hard

2.  If it ............ more humid in the desert of southwest, the hot temperature would be unbearable.
(A) Be                                                                                (D) were
(B) Is                                                                                  (E) will be
(C) Was

3.  I would have checked my paper if I .......... more time.
(A) Have got                                                                      (D) gets
(B) Had got                                                                       (E) will go
(C) Got

4.  If you listen to the question carefully, you .......... them easily.
(A) Are answering                                                            (D) have answered
(B) Will answer                                                                 (E) would answer
(C) Answered

5.  If I prepared the lesson, I ......... good mark.
(A) Will get                                              (D) would get
(B) Would have got                                  (E) had got
(C) Can get

6. If you use the visa card, we .......... you a discount
(A) Are giving                                                                    (D) had not lent him
(B) Will give                                                                      (E) would not have lent him
(C) Would give

7. Had I realized that Tim was a bad driver, I ........... my car.
(A) Would not lent him                                                    (D) could have done
(B) Did not lent him                                                         (E) would do
(C) Will not lend him

8. “How was your test?”
“Not  very good.” I .......... much better if I had not misread the directions for the last section.”
(A) Might do                                                                   (D) could have done
(B) Must have done                                                         (E) would do
(C) Should do

9.  Had he handed in the application he .......... last week. 
(A) Would be allowed to join the interview test
(B) Was being allowed to join the interview test
(C) Would have been allowed to join the interview test
(D) He will have been allowed to join me interview test
(E) He was allowed to join the interview test