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1.2. LONG CONVERSATION (Percakapan Panjang) - Test Quiz

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

1.2. LONG CONVERSATION (Percakapan Panjang) - Test Quiz

Pilih jawaban yang paling tepat dari long conversation yang kalian dengar.

1. (A) Attend a football game alone
    (B) go to a sporting event
    (C) Eat in the cafetaria and study
    (D) See a play

2. (A) A Play
    (B) A Game
    (C) A Study group meeting
    (D) Dinner in the cafetaria

3. (A) It's the final game of the season
    (B) it's better than the drama department's play
    (C) It's a very important game
    (D) It's close to the cafetaria

4. (A) Satuday night
    (B) After dinner in the cafetaria
    (C) Sunday afternoon
    (D) Maybe nest weekend