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1.1. SHORT DIALOGUE - Skill 2 : Negatives

Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

1.1. SHORT DIALOGUE - Skill 2 : Negatives


Skill 2: NEGATIVES (Pernyataan Negatif)
Pernyataan negatif seringkali digunakan dalam dialog singkat. Respon yang paling umum respon untuk pernyataan negatif adalah pernyataan positif yang mengandung sebuah kata dengan arti yang berlawanan.


On the recording, you hear:
(woman) Did you get a lot of work done at the library today?
(man) I couldn’t. It wasn’t very quiet there
(narrator) What does the man mean?

In your test book, you read:
(A) The library was noisy
(B) He got a lot done
(C) He couldn‟t quite get to the library today
(D) The library‟s a good place to work because it‟s quite

Jawaban yang benar adalah jawaban (A). Jika tidak tenang di perpustakaan, berarti berisik. Perhatikan bahwa jawaban yang benar menggunakan berisik, kebalikan dari tenang.

  • Garisbawahi ungkapan negatif di baris terakhir dari setiap dialog singkat. Ingat bahwa jawaban yang paling tepat adalah yang menggunakan makna berlawanan.

1. (woman) You made so many mistakes in this homework
    (man) I wasn’t very careful
    (narrator) What does the man mean?

(A) He was rather careless

(B) He does not care about mistakes

(C) He took care of the work at home

(D) He did not carry the work home

2. (man) Is there a lot of soup? I’m kind of hungry
    (woman) Sorry, there’s not a lot
    (narrator) What does the woman mean?

(A) There’s not very much soap

(B) She doesn’t like soup

(C) There’s only a little soap

(D) The man should not be hungry